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Kuna woman- Dad Ibe, Panama. I was captivated of the welcoming smile in this woman’s eyes.


At the end of September Tarragona (Catalunya) celebrates the festivity of Santa Tecla. With this occasion and  for ten days the whole city is full of events. In the last night of these festivities there is what they call ‘ Correfocs’ -running from the fire.  It is an absolutely fascinating spectacle !


‘Agapia’ is an orthodox monastery in the North-East part of Romania. The whole monastery is a beautiful place full of flowers but I choose this photo for its simplicity.


I took this picture in Cadaques, a Mediterranean village in Catalunya. It was February, whole Europe was covered with snow but here  in the window these flowers were smiling to us.


Morning summer somewhere in the North-East of Romania. I choose this picture because represents one of the most amazing and peaceful atmosphere I could ever be in. invites submissions to Capture the Colour.   I challenge these bloggers whose work I love and admire. These are my nominations:

Hurry up and good luck! You still have time!



One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

I am absolutely honored. I’ve been nominated for the ‘ One Lovely Blog Award’.  Thanks Susanne for thinking of me and thanks for appreciating my work.


The rules are:

1: Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog–

2: List seven random things about yourself–

3: Nominate fifteen other blogs–

4: Notify the fifteen nominees

5: Put the award logo on your blog.


1. Thank you again Susanne 🙂



I am grateful for my life

I love Robert

I miss my home and friends

I am vegetarian

The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. – Oscar Wilde

I’ve been following my dreams.

I love cats



Thank you very much all of you!








Silent couple


Waiting for the bus

Locked doors

Run my little horse !!!